Hi, I am Randy Burke a lyricist, writing Christian and country songs.

A sparked interest in writing songs was quite awkward at first due to the fact I can't sing. Well, I can but it sounds like a moose being ran over by a log truck. It has turned out to be fun as I have large collection of songs written and some of those demo and published. I enjoy being creative and this is a good outlet. I always felt like I had God given messages that I was supposed to share but not being well spoken and a bit shy, I could not envision myself any form of teaching or preaching, so this could be it. Things have fell into place in sequence since I found direction in promoting my writings. I believe that all things work together for a purpose. So I will follow the doors that open next.

My Christmas song "More Than Eye Can See" was selected out of thousands of entries for the "Band of Writers" compilation CD with McClure and Trowbridge Publishing LTD.
I have won several song contest with Northwest Alabama Music Publishing Co along with publishing contracts. Many thanks to Darrell and Kim for their belief and promotion of aspiring artist.